If you have items to donate; furniture, clothing or anything, 

please Contact Peggy Gachet who is listed in our Directory.

In 2005, we formed our Community Outreach Committee to identify local not for profit organizations in need of assistance.  Our objective was to make an impact by supporting the needs of a small number of specific charitable programs.

We are a powerful group of women who have fun and give back to the community in an effective and organized manner and we hope that you will help us to fulfill our mission:

"To assist charitable organizations and families in the St. Augustine area, through volunteering time, service and/or providing financial support."

Wildflower Clinic and the Homeless Coalition will be the main not for profit organizations MCWA will support for 2018-2019. 

In addition, the following not for profits will receive a designated amount based on monies raised:

Wildflower Clinic, St Augustine Youth Services, Council on Aging, The Homeless Coalition,

Food for Kids (Southwood Elementary School) and  Betty Griffin Sexual Assault Center.