Welcome to MCWA



 The theme of the MCWA 2018-19 season is

 Our members come from various cities, states, countries and continents to finally land in Marsh Creek. Some of us have lived in different lands even though we are 100% American. Members have spent years in almost every country on the globe, except for Burkina Faso.
AHA...We now have a member from Burkina Faso. 
 Jackie Moyer lived in Ouagadougou from 1989 to 1991.  
We have members from merrie ol’ England, one who who lived in Africa for many years.
One member was a resident of beautiful Singapore and one who lived in East Germany where I have it on good authority that she was
partially responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall!  Another member hit the road to live in Calcutta, the gem on the Bay of Bengal.
And then there is Luba Estes who was born in Harbin (now Mongolia) and lived in
Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, New York, the Belgian Congo, Beirut, Athens and Spain.
She is the worldly winner!
And we even have some ladies who lived in that mysterious state called “New Hampshire”.
We bring with us the customs, cuisines and habits from our various backgrounds which makes us and our
Marsh Creek Women's Association more diverse and much more interesting.
With apologies to Lionel Richie, We Are the World.

If you would like someone to contact you about joining, please email us at